Storms In Success

When the enemy comes in like a raging flood tide, the Spirit of the Lord will drive him back. Isaiah 59:19 (NLT)

If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, should it be a surprise that when things are going well, the devil tries to throw something at you to sidetrack what God is doing? My answer to that long question is a big, fat NO!!

Recently, we launched a very successful ministry to kids during the week called Kid Studios Live. It’s an incredible weekly experience for kids that teaches them biblical principles in a high-energy and very fun environment. We’ve seen 50 kids make decisions to make Jesus the boss of their life, excitement for church and a desire to learn about God increase. It’s been a lot of hard work that is paying off.

With all this said, we recently had something come up (which perhaps I can disclose at a much later time), which had the potential to sidetrack and discourage what we are doing in our city and region. That’s just like the devil. He doesn’t’ wait until we are in the desert to throw an attack. He waits until we’re on the mountaintop to throw something at us to try to discourage and bring us down. In the desert we’re already at a low point. He’s not as concerned. But, on the mountaintop we are impacting the kingdom in ways that makes the devil tremble. That’s why he attacks us there.

My encouragement for you today is to keep pushing…keep going and don’t allow the devil’s attacks to scare you and cause you to take a different route. Stay on the route God told you to take. As long as God is leading the way, nothing can stop you or hinder you. You must be something that’s impacting the kingdom greatly if the devil is bold enough to attack. We’re in an invisible war—the cool thing is that we’re on the winning team!!

But all who devour you will be devoured, and all your enemies will be sent into exile. All you plunder you will be plundered, and all who attack you will be attacked. Jeremiah 30:16 (NLT)



  1. This is so good! I think a lot of times we need the reminder that the enemy will attack and we need to be ready for it.

    Kidnation is doing incredible things, its no wonder he would be going after you.

    We’re all one team, one church, one support system. Always here for you and your team PJ!

  2. If there’s anything I can do to lend a hand, let me know.
    We’re practically neighbors (well… sort of) – want to get together over coffee to chat sometime soonish?

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