Kid Nation Values: Why? (1 of 7)

Coming into a new ministry it’s important to establish values. Values are our ideals or customs for which our staff and volunteers will stand for. These are the things that will define who we are. Before we allow people to define us because of a lack of values, we have decided to set out those values. Now, it’s up to us to stand behind and uphold them. If we truly value these things then people should take notice.

These values keep is focused and sharp as a ministry. No matter how large or small your church is, every church and ministry should create values. Whether you call them “core,” “pillars” or whatever, values help you and your volunteers stay on course.

We have two different sets of values. We have spiritual values and then we have practical values. Our spiritual values do not differ from our church (South Hills). We value and believe the same thing our church as a whole and we are committed to those beliefs and values. These values that I’m talking about are practical and specific to Kid Nation as a ministry:

• Safety

• Innovation

• Coaching

• Investing

• Character

• Intentionality

I’ll dive into Safety tomorrow and knock out the rest next week.

What values do you have as a ministry? Have you written out values? Why or why not?

Let’s talk.


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