Kid Nation Values: Safety (2 of 7)

Safety is our number one priority at Kid Nation. We take the security of every child very seriously.

Remember, these values we have are more practical than spiritual. Outside of the spiritual needs of children, safety is our number one priority. Parents want the best for their kids and most will not leave their kids in an unsafe environment. This means our staff to children ratio should always be on target. Our ratios are the following:

Kid Dreamers (0-12 mos) is 2:1
Kid Dreamers (13mos-2yrs) is 3:1

Kid Venture (3-4yrs) is 5:1

Kid Studios (6yrs-6thgr) is 10:1 (working toward 8:1)

We have a policy and procedures manual that we make sure all our volunteers are aware of and following. This helps us stay consistent in our decisions and answers to questions that parents or volunteers may have. This manual is ever evolving. And, if you’re like me I have adopted information from other manuals and we’ve created some ourselves.

Kid Nation Policies & Procedures

We have other safety measures that include a Safety Team who make sure only authorized persons are allowed in the children’s area. Our check-in software (we use Fellowship One) helps to make sure everyone is checked in appropriately and securely. There are so many other things we do and we want every parent to know that we VALUE the SAFETY of their kids.

We can preach Jesus all day long, but if kids are getting hurt, lost or checked out to the wrong people it won’t matter how good our programs are. This is something for both small and larger churches. What are you doing for safety is it a huge priority for you?

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