Kid Nation Values: Intentionality (7 of 7)

Everything we do should be intentional. All our events, services and meetings are for a purpose. We don’t want to waste people’s time.

If it’s one thing I dislike doing more than anything it’s wasting time. Time has become such a valuable commodity. Everyone values their time. It’s the one thing we all have the same of. No matter how rich or poor; no matter what size church, we all have 24 hours in a day and we have 365 of those days every year.

For this reason we want to make sure we are being intentional in our meetings, our programs and what we teach. We never want to do something “just because.” If we ever do, not even I will show up. This doesn’t mean we never have fun. It means that when we do we are intentional about it. We schedule times to have fun as a team. We schedule meetings when we know we MUST all be together to receive information, etc.

We teach the things that we teach on purpose. We don’t scramble from week to week wondering what we’re going to teach. We’ve taken time to think about what we want our kids to learn and why. In fact, we’ve planned out the next two years.

Everything we do has purpose and intentionality.

Are you doing things on purpose—intentionally? Why or why not?


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