Kid Nation Values: Innovation (3 of 7)

We are constantly researching the best practices in teaching and training. We believe the church is full of people with innovative ways to impact this generation.

Innovation is always our thing at Kid Nation. We love creating our own stuff, whether it be curriculum, stage design or what not. But, we view innovation as more that creating things from scratch. Innovation is to introduce something new or to make changes to anything established. We love to introduce.

Our team has done research and looked at what people are doing. It’s not uncommon for us to call those churches to ask how they do what they do so we can adopt those best practices in our ministry. Our ministry has the fingerprints of Hillsong, Northpoint, Church on the Move and more all over. We also have the leadership principles of great men and women children’s leaders that we teach and live by.

Instead of “wasting” our time with creating materials, services, etc. for the sake of creating them ourselves, we live by the “work smarter and not harder” motto. If there’s someone knocking it out of the park in a certain area and we feel that it could be a great fit in our culture then you bet we’re doing it. If it’s not exactly what we’re looking for we will do a hybrid and make it our own.

As much as we use other people’s ideas we also do a lot of creating ourselves. Our team spends hours meeting, innovating and deciding the best way to impact our church family and community.

Our desire is to always be on the forefront and I think we’re doing pretty good at it. I’m always delighted when I hear parents make comments about how impressed they are with how we teach and how amazed they are with our technology. When I see the faces of children and parents light up because we have gone the extra mile to introduce new things and change the way we do ministry I know we’re doing what we set out to do and that’s being innovative!



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