Kid Nation Values: Coaching (4 of 7)

You can expect our team to be committed to standing with our volunteers and to ongoing coaching and training. No one should ever feel alone or inadequate in fulfilling their assignment.

We are here to serve people. We have made it our business to help coach people into being the very best at what they do. I think of myself as a football coach. A football coach isn’t the best at throwing the ball. A football coach isn’t the most accurate. A football coach isn’t the best at catching or kicking. A football coach is the best at coaching. He is the best at bringing out the best in some of the most talented players in the world and pushing them to become better and work as a team.

I may not be the most talented person. I may not be the best communicator. I may not be the most innovative. I am the person God has called to bring out the best in my team—paid and non-paid. Coaching is not just something I do. Coaching is something I expect our whole team to do. I expect those who work with me on my leadership team to coach those they lead. We want everyone to be the best. When our team is at their best, the kids we minister to get the best.

We coach during the weekend and mid-week services. We coach by spending time with people. I use Vimeo to coach by video when I’m trying to reach all my volunteers. Another resource I use is Evernote. I take notes by uploading videos, taking voice memos, pictures, etc. and keep them in an Evernote file where I talk with my paid and non-paid team. I can show them what I’m talking about and let them know what I expect.

Do you value coaching? How do you coach?

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