Kid Nation Values: Character (6 of 7)

Parents want the best for their children. We want the best for our kids at Kid Nation. For this reason, we expect our whole team to exemplify godly character in all they do.

Need I say more? We expect our team to uphold the highest standards. We’re not looking for perfect people. We’re just looking for people who are in love with Jesus, who can admit mistakes and who do their very best at living a godly life.

I’m amazed when I see or hear leaders act a different way outside the classroom. There’s no doubt we all do that to a degree, however what we don’t realize many times is that kids and other leaders are still watching us. They’re always taking mental notes whether on purpose or subliminally. Not only do I want to exemplify great character because I feel God is wanting me to, I’m doing it because I want my kids and those I lead to follow my example, whether I’m “clocked-in” or not.

Here are a couple great resources you can use. One is from the rock-star children’s director Gabe George from Church on the Move and the other is one that I’ve used.

What kind of standards do you have? Do you expect your team to uphold these standards? How do you hold their feet to the fire?

KOTM Code of Ethics

Kid Nation Expectations

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