Kid Nation Values: Investing (5 of 7)

We value investing time and resources into building great teams and relationships. We hold nothing back when it comes to giving the best to Kid Nation.

One of the things that impresses me most about companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Nordstrom, etc. is that they have chosen to invest in their employees. No doubt they do this to get the most out of their employees in order to make a profit. By investing in their employees, however, they are investing in their future and their brand. It’s no different than following a turnkey real estate guide and investing in a property in order to make it more valuable.
By spending money and time on their employees they are increasing their abilities, loyalty and solidifying their future as dominant companies because their employees know that they are being cared for. Investing back into your employees is a critical part of a business’s structure. But, you also need to invest in the companies future too.

Some people find a way to do this for their company via other investments outside of the group (be it through or through more traditional means), whilst others stick to keeping it in house, so to speak. Another thing to consider too is your staff. Most employees will leave after 5 years, period. You should check out this M1 Finance review, read the full review here.

Kids ministry should be no different. As a leader who leads both paid and non-paid staff members, I value investing time, energy and money into my team. I don’t have all the money in the world, but what I do have, I spend on the staff, as these are the people who will be helping to build our success. I have even thought about using something like these best investment apps to see if investing money in particular things will help me to get more on my return, which in turn will mean that I can spend more on my staff and the ministry. This will be ideal and it will only help us in the long run. I really do value my staff and I want them to know that. Whether it is an extra day off, a flexible schedule, book, gift card or mini-vacation/retreat, I am showing that I love my team and value their contributions.

I also invest by spending some time with them. I love hanging out and going to the movies or taking someone out to lunch. I enjoy investing in my team by being an ear for them when they need one or by coaching them through difficult situations. A simple way we were able to invest in our team recently was giving them all Kid Nation t-shirts at no cost to them. Not only were they deserving of it, but it brought a unity and excitement to the team that we want to keep as part of our culture.

What are you doing to invest in your team?

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  1. I love this PJ! I completely agree with you. Taking care of my team is on the TOP of my list. I always tell them that I care more about them as a person before I care about how much they can do for the ministry.

    Quality time is by far one of my favorite ways to communicate that I care for them, thank you notes are always a win as well! and not the generic “hey great job!” but the specifics of why they’re kicking butt!

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