FREE Juicy Lesson 3: Peace

We are writing a series called “Juicy” and as we go through the lessons, I’ll post them here for you to do whatever you would like to do with them. (These are all in their rough form. In about 2 months we’ll have the whole series looking pretty.)

Here’s the scoop: We basically write a 3-hour lesson. Our lessons “start” on Wednesday at our Kid Studios Live experience and they continue at our weekend service. They are written in a way where if you attend both Wednesday and a weekend service you are getting the full meal deal, however if you miss one you’re still getting awesome teaching, just not as much.

JUICY: Peace (Week 3)

Kid Studios Live Lesson Plan (mid-week)

Kid Studios Live Message: Peace (mid-week)

Kid Studios Weekend Lesson Plan (weekend)

Younger Studio Groups (weekend)

Younger Activity Sheet (weekend)

Older Studio Groups (weekend)



  1. Thanks for making these lessons available for free! I’m teaching a kids class in a small church plant on a limited budget! I really had a hard time finding resources that are affordable! These have been such a blessing! Also, very well thought out and put together! God bless! Karyn

    1. Karyn, thank you. You made my day. I’m glad that you find this helpful. We’re hoping to pump out some more to help heroes like yourself who pour into kids.

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