Delegate Vs Dumping

As our children’s ministry grows it’s important that we learn the art of delegation. As you as a leader grows it’s important that your capacity grows. One of the only ways your capacity can grow is when you begin delegating.

One of my favorite mini-slogans is that we “delegate authority and not tasks.” Delegation is used by some to dump the things they don’t like to do on to others. It’s turning someone into a trashcan. Then, later, when we ask ourselves why they haven’t grown as a leader and why we haven’t grown it’s traced back to dumping tasks on someone instead of delegating authority.

There’s nothing wrong with asking people to do tasks. I do that often. However, when I’m dealing with leaders I give them authority to make decisions, changes, etc. to go along with getting the job/task done. I want my team to know I value them and trust them. Dumping tasks on people doesn’t give them a sense that they’re leading or are trusted.

Delegating builds champions. Dumping breeds resentment.

Delegating grows strong leadership. Dumping creates more followers.

Delegating creates an environment where people think and accomplish. Dumping creates an environment where people are constantly asking questions and are never 100% sure what to do.

Delegating allows you more time as a leader to grow and handle more. Dumping creates more plates for you to spin.

Are you delegating or dumping?



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