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Yesterday I brought up how we do our best to make sure people feel prepared and keep from odd silences from stage to keep the service moving, engaging and exciting. For every person who needs help with “keepin’ it goin’” there are people who are a little outrageous on stage and never get to the point or stay on topic. These people are usually do not feel confident in teaching serious stuff so they overcompensate by trying to make everything “fun.”

When you’re on stage you need balance. We do our best to coach our stage teaching team to have balance. Don’t be boring on stage, but don’t be crazy and as Jonathan Cliff mentioned yesterday be a stage “ninja.”

Here’s how we coach our stage “ninjas”…

1. I like to make sure they understand what they’re teaching. A lot of the reason they overcompensate on the “fun” side is because they don’t feel confident in teaching the serious stuff. They struggle with making the serious stuff fun and interesting. These people are creative with games and being funny, but we coach their teaching creativity.

2. We remind these types that we’re hear for the kids and not to boost our own egos. Well, we don’t quite say it that way. However, that’s the gist of it. These ninjas while on stage enjoy entertaining themselves and enjoy the attention. I don’t necessarily blame them because it is fun to see the kids have fun because of what you’re doing. But, it’s about them and not us! 🙂

3. Our ninjas need to feel confident that the material they have is entertaining without them going berserk and going off track. This kind of ties into the first one. Point one focuses more on them, while this focuses more on us as the leader. We have to provide them great material. Admittedly, I’ve taught some material that was lame and so I did some improvising.

What are your thoughts? Do you or have you had any ninjas?



  1. And we all admit that it’s easier to train this side, than the other, right?!

    I love the enthusiasm of a 20-something that is comfortable teaching in front of large groups, and If I can take their God-given talents and tweak their deliver ever so slightly to allow them to make the most of that attention they’ve just garnered from 100+ elementary students, then…watch out! Their potential for impact is off the charts.

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