The Mediocre Kidmin Leader

If it’s one area in the church where mediocrity is accepted more than not it is children’s ministry. Unfortunately, many children’s leaders become leaders because a lead pastor is desperate and they throw someone in there to “help out,” which soon becomes a part-time or full-time job.

There are still many lead pastors out there who view adult ministry as real ministry and children’s ministry as children’s childcare or children’s babysitting. Some pastors will think “give them a nice story, play some games, color a page—what’s so difficult?” Well, that model isn’t difficult and that model will breed a mediocrity in ministry and in your children’s leaders.

I believe there are many children’s leaders and pastors out there who want the best for their ministry, but because mediocrity is accepted—mediocrity is given. It’s important as children’s leaders that even though your lead or senior pastor isn’t expecting much, you still give it your all. Whether you have a budget of hundreds of thousands or absolutely nothing we still need to give 110%. Because at the end of the day, we’re raising up the next generation of leaders. If nothing else, they expect us to give our all.

Go above the expectations of your lead pastor and give your all. Don’t forget you get back what you give. So, if you become a mediocre leader don’t expect your team to go above and beyond.

In short, mediocrity breeds mediocrity!!

What say you?



  1. I totally agree. Not only does mediocracy breed mediocrity, but when we show children that They count, they will! On the other hand if you tell kids that they are not worthy of your time, when they grow into adults, YOU will be considered “a waste of time”!
    Being that face of love to a child is priceless, they hold on to those good feelings harbored deep into their heart forever, growing all the while into a fully devoted follower of Christ and His love. The more love, time, and energy we pour into our children, the more valued they feel and become.
    I once belonged to a church in Houston,Texas where the lead pastor wholeheartedly believed in our children, most of the volunteers worked the childrens ministry, that’s how great it was. Now, 10 years later, Fellowship of the Woodlands has been on the top ten fastest growing churches in the nation for years now. No surprise there…mediocracy breeds mediocracy, but greatness also breeds greatness!

    1. Great stuff Tammy!! Funny, I was just talking with someone about Fellowship of the Woodlands and you can tell they’re doing something right!!

  2. Hi, Justyn…I just discovered your blog (thanks to Tony Kumar’s March Madness!). Thanks for the thoughts on mediocrity. I cringe whenever I hear someone set aside the extra work and effort by saying, “C’mon, it’s just for the kids church!” And when I’m tired or discouraged, the siren call of mediocrity can be heard the loudest. May the Lord help us all to rise above it.

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