Lack of Kidmin Leadership Resource

I recently took a friend to a local Christian bookstore to pick up a couple items. Normally, I order online because it’s more convenient and saves money, however I needed something that moment.

As I was checking out the latest and greatest in the world of children’s ministry I couldn’t help but notice the lack of leadership resources for children’s leaders and pastors. The children’s ministry books were right next to the youth ministry books. I glanced over at the youth ministry books and saw many resources on developing amazing godly teenagers and how to lead great ministries. I looked back at the children’s ministry books and saw books about games, slime and fun.

Don’t get me wrong. I love games, slime and fun, but come on—children’s ministry is more than that. Children’s ministry is about leaders leading leaders to reach more children. By the looks of the bookstore you would get the impression that we are babysitters trying to survive a weekend. While that can be the experience once or twice a year, it’s hardly the norm.

This has prompted me to write a couple posts on the importance of leadership in children’s ministry. Either the bookstore doesn’t get it or children’s pastors don’t get it OR we’ve just sat idly by not asking for more of the leadership stuff and just take what the big publishing companies serve.

Is it a lack of interest? Do children’s pastors not care so much about the leadership aspect of it? Do we feel like we have enough resources and do not need anymore? Perhaps we’re okay. Perhaps we feel like we got it down and only want ideas on how to do stuff…stuff like…games…and…sliming people.

It’s my desire that we start a leadership culture from the very early stages of our church members (aka: infants) to the oldest. We ought to not look at ourselves as service coordinators (unless that really is your role and what’s expected of you), but as leaders who lead the charge and champion the cause of children’s ministry—our future leaders—in the local church.

What say you?



  1. yea I’ve encountered the same thing. There are a few great resources coming out from Aussie – especially Rob Bradbury and Andrew Shepherd.
    I’ve thought about it for a while, but realised that while there aren’t that many published books, there are loads and loads of blogs with some great content on kidmin leadership development. But it does take a while to filter through them to find the gold.
    I know loads of people with at least one book in them, perhaps like me they don’t feel like they’ve been doing it long enough to have the credibility to write. maybe?

  2. AGREED! Most books about leadership do not pertain to Children’s Ministry! I love a good slime recipe myself but…. if we are not learning how to be great leaders then you are right we become “managers of the babysitters”. I would some great resources!!

  3. I think perhaps there is s tension to manage here…call it the Orange attitude…but a fine line to negotiate between us leading great kids ministry and parents letting us take over that leadership…leading our kids in ministry vs parents leading their kids spiritually. Perhaps also there are not so many absolutes, as there are principles of leadership here too. Good stuff though..look forward to your posts.

    1. I think leading kids ministries and developing kids spiritually are two different topics. They can be intertwined, but I’m talking more about leading the organization part more than the spiritual part at this point. I’ll bring up leading the spiritual side a little later, but totally agree with your assessment!! 🙂


  4. Great thoughts! What comes to my mind is simply this, God has obviously called You to get the ball rolling! You see the need because God will equip you to make it happen.
    Can’t wait to see what you develop!

    I believe in you,

  5. I share your frustration – but I can also tell you that the brame does not lay with the store or the publishers alone. I can tell you that from the vanage point of, I can give you data on what the actually children’s workers CONSUME – and it is games and slime. 🙁 I have created Online Leadership Training, and it does not get the traffic or sales that games and slime does. So we have work to do as leaders in this sphere in CALLING Kidmin leaders to a higher level of Calling in children’s ministry! Stores stock what sells and publishers create what sells. I created the Kidology Online Training Leadership Labs because I believe they are needed but I get lots of e-mails asking me to create more game stuff instead. 🙁 We must keep calling people to a higher place through our writing and speaking if we are to change this trend. Like you, I love games and slime and fun – but there is more leadership needed in Kidmin at all levels.

    1. Karl, unfortunately you’re right again!! 🙂 People produce what people want!! I suppose I would too if I was making a living off of resources, etc…


  6. I have 3 new kidmin leadership books that will be done by out before the end of the year
    Kidmin Leadership by me & 12 kidmin folks from infuse1.2
    Stretch- Structuring Your Ministry for Grow
    Last but not least is another infuse book entitle “5 things you have to get right in kidmin” writen by Sam Luce & Kenny Conley’s group Infuse 2.2

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