Keepin’ It Goin’

One of our focuses before putting anyone up in front of kids by themselves to teach or lead a segment is to make sure they understand the importance of what I like to call “keepin’ it goin’”. Keepin’ It Goin’ is when you’re on stage leading a segment and you continue to talk to kids and keep things rolling.

For example, picture someone on stage explaining a game to a couple kids and that’s it. There’s no joking around. There’s no interacting with the audience. There’s no pumping kids up. Nothing. There’s just explaining the game and that’s it. That is not very exciting or engaging for the kids. Obviously, this would happen because the person on stage does not feel comfortable or does not know how to engage kids in the segment.

Before we put anyone on stage, we want them to feel comfortable with what they’re doing. Here are a few things we do:

1. We make sure anyone on stage feels comfortable with what they are doing. In other words, they are prepared. As the leader or director it’s our job to make sure that we are equipping our teachers with the necessary tools (lessons, props, etc.)
2. We make sure the person on stage is in his or her element. We don’t want to place a boring person on stage teaching or leading a game. Why? Because they are boring. We so sometimes see some hidden potential and encourage someone to try something out. But, even with that there is plenty of support before, during and after they tried the stage.
3. I just mentioned it—support. We want to support those who are on stage. It’s an art form to have to constantly engage kids (and volunteers). At our church we just brought on board an excellent communicator and creative person (Jesse Kretzu—Kid Studios Director) who will be working closely with our teaching team and helping us to expand. We have determined to provide the encouragement and support that’s needed to make people feel confident on stage.

There are other things we do as well, but I want to hear from you. How do you stay away from awkward silences? How do you encourage your teachers to “keep it goin’”?



  1. Good thoughts. I’ve also seen the opposite person on stage…The one that is a ninja at keeping it going, but never gets on topic and uses it for any good!

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