Banana Pudding Sombrero Throwing Contest

Okay, as much as I share the good things that happen, I must also share the lame things (aka: #fail).

We created this game where two kids had to fill these plastic bags full of banana pudding. Once full they had to launch them about 25’ on top of a sombrero worn by another kid.

I know what you’re thinking. How could a game this amazing fail!? Right? Sure. Whatever. The fact that we used banana pudding and a sombrero in the same game destined it to fail. It worked in our heads, but unfortunately we did not have time to rehearse it.

The idea was that the kid wearing the sombrero was supposed to catch as much pudding in his hat as possible. The kid with the most pudding in his or her hat would win. What ended up happening was that the kids could hardly get pudding in the bag. We had to use adult help. They couldn’t launch it far enough. We had to move the kid closer and closer. Then, two buckets of pudding splattered all over the ground and if that wasn’t good enough, no one was able to get pudding on the sombrero until we “rigged” it.

Funny game in theory. Total flop when there’s 200 kids looking at you. I’m reminded why I like kids ministry though. Even though it was a flop the kids still had fun and there was still enough of a mess that made it somewhat exciting.

Note to self: Do not use games that involve both sombreros and banana pudding in the same game!

What kind of flops have you experienced lately?



  1. It may not involve sombrero or banana pudding, but I’m certain we have all been there.
    Thankfully, kids are very forgiving, and make fun in the worst situations.

  2. I tried to have a water balloon filled and the placed on each child’s head and then panty hose stretched over their heads and face (basically the put their face into the legs of the hose) to hold the water balloons on their heads. The everyone armed with swim noodles (this was suppose to for safety purposes so not to hurt anyone). The object was to smack one another on the heads to pop the water balloons on each others heads as they all ran around.

    Sounded fun but all that happened was balloons never stayed put and they all just beat each other to a pulp and no balloons popped.

    There is one of our flops.

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