Juicy: ‘Show On Me’ Song Free Resource

We have embarked on a new venture. We are writing kid’s praise and worship songs. With every curriculum we write we are attempting to produce a song that will be used as a teaching tool and reflect our admiration towards God.

Our first series we are writing as Kid Nation is called “Juicy”, a nine week teaching covering the fruits of the spirit. We have an incredible writing, teaching and production team that is–as we speak–creating the best experience for children.

Juicy debuts on March 23rd as we launch a brand new experience for kids on Wednesdays called Kid Studios Live!

Let me know what you think of our first song. By the way, if you want it–take it!

Show On Me



  1. Thank you for believing in this girl! She was born singing! I am so thankful that not only does she have the gift to sing, but the love for Jesus shines from her!

  2. Great job Brooke. We are so proud of you, and especially pleased to know that you are allowing GOD to use your life in a very special way.

    Keep It Up!

  3. This is so exciting! Congratulations on your new venture. I am so thrilled that I now have another resource for free and inspiring songs that are perfect for my children’s ministry classes. I can’t wait for “Juicy” to debut later this month—I’m on pins and needles! I have a feeling that I’ll be using Juicy to teach my kids and can’t wait to see what all is covered. This first song is an absolute gem!

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