First Impressions

The more I read, observe and consult I’m convinced that we have to master what people see and feel when they approach our children’s ministry. Parents should feel like their children are going to be safe just by talking with our team, looking at our facility, filling out the appropriate forms—it all makes an impression. In fact, we can only make that impression once.

Our church is right in the middle of a big revamp on how we make that first impression the best impression. We’ve identified that we need to change check-in and assimilation software, change the location of Check-In and Kid Nation Guest Services, create a uniformed look amongst our volunteers that screams fun and professionalism amongst a few other things.

From just the few changes we have already made, we are already seeing a difference in how our first time guests view our children’s ministry.

I encourage you to take some ample time, sit down with your team, other paid staff members, parents, etc. and walk through your first time guest process. What does it look like? Are you being effective in making the only first impression that you are given? Take some time to map it out, develop it and implement it. Some have zero dollars to put into something like this while others have thousands. It’s not always a money issue. More often than not it’s an attitude, position and placement issue.

I’ve attached a resource for anyone to do whatever they would like. This is our First Impressions Position and Expectations form. We list all our positions that involve First Impressions.

Job Descriptions-First Impressions


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