Branding: Kid Studios

We chose Kid Nation as our umbrella children’s ministry name. That means anytime we refer to the children’s ministry as a whole we say “Kid Nation.”

You’ll notice all our logos are very simple. That’s a reflection of my personal preference and the ability to use them on virtually anything and have it look good!

The tying theme through the logos is the word “Kid”. You’ll notice that it pretty much looks the same throughout the logos. This helps bring continuity through our branding.

Kid Studios is for ages 6 through 6th grade. (In Corona, CA elementary grades still goes through 6th grade.) We wanted kids to feel like they were a part of something that’s moving and has life. When you think of a studio you think of movies, action, lights, etc. You think you are right in the middle of where all the action happens. This is exactly what we want our elementary grade kids to feel. We want them to feel like they are on this incredible journey of faith.

Kid Studios changes things up. We opted not to theme out the entire building because then we are stuck with the look we chose. We created an environment that’s always changing. With every teaching series comes a new stage, etc.

Kid Studios is the place to be on the weekends!!


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