Branding: Kid Dreamers

Kid Studios is for elementary grade ages; Kid Venture is for ages 3-5. Let’s explore the last age group we set up—Kid Dreamers.

As with all our logos and names, the word “kid” is the same font and look as the other logos and “dreamers” reflects the age group. The colors are more soft and pastel-ish because of the age group. The stars were added to give a little life and of course stars represent dreams.

I chose Kid Dreamers for a couple reasons. This age group includes infants, which dream/sleep a lot and this is the age group where they can be or do anything. They haven’t been impacted by the “realities” of life. Dreams are innocent; our kids are innocent and precious.

I feel like all our names and logos totally represent who we are and where we are going. We’ve created an overall kid’s ministry identity and broke them down to age specific identities that everyone can rally behind.

A simple rebranding has created a buzz and new excitement that has been so far greatly welcomed and appreciated. I’ll continue to keep you posted on what else we do with our new identity.


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