Transition Lesson

I wanted to keep you updated on my transition from Las Vegas to Corona, CA…

I have frequent lunches with my pastor. When I got here I was asked to do something that is a pretty big undertaking being new to a church and not having the infrastructure in place to support it. I came up with an alternative plan for my pastor doing one of our lunches. My plan was thought out, made sense and in my opinion would make his big goal easier to accomplish down the road instead of right away.

He heard me out and then he started pouring out his heart and explaining to me his two-year dream of having this amazing Wednesday night experience for kids. The cool thing was that he never pressured me to do it. He just shared from his heart. I could tell he wasn’t necessarily opposed to my plan, but I knew my plan would take a lot longer than he anticipated. In the end, I went with his heart’s desire.

I didn’t feel manipulated or pressured. In fact, I believe he would’ve allowed me to do it my way had I pushed it. I didn’t want to push it. Not after hearing his heart. Transitions are always tough. It’s hard to really understand what a church is going through in a weekend interview. After being here for sometime now I would do things a little different than what I said I would do, especially in regards to the Wednesday night experience. After talking with my pastor I’m excited to fulfill his vision. I decided before I even got here that I would lay down my vision for his and this is a great example of that.

Pastor Chris is a great pastor and I respect him even more after our lunch conversation. How could or why would I not want to see his vision come to pass, especially after hearing his heart. I looked into his eyes and said, “Pastor, I’m not sure all the details yet, but we’re going to make it happen! You pay me to think of the details…”

Love that my pastor is not a “dictator”, instead he’s a collaborator. He trusts me to get the job done and as a staff pastor that’s all I need.


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