The Debate Continues…

I want to rejoin the conversation concerning family pastor and children’s pastor. I’ve read some fresh thoughts on the subject and I love them all. The great thing about ministry is that there is no “right” way to do things.

1. I don’t think the question is should I be a family pastor or children’s pastor. We need to simply define what a children’s pastor is. I have read some very broad and generalized statements about children’s pastors that simply are not true. This leads me to believe that it’s not the position, but the personality. The truth is that family pastors can fall into some of the same traps as children’s pastors and visa versa.

2. I’ll reiterate a previous thought I had in that I believe family ministry is not a position but a culture of ministry. At South Hills we have a children’s pastor (me), a youth pastor, adult pastors, etc and yet our tag line for our church is “the premiere place for families.” There’s no family pastor because we’re all family pastors—we are all pastoring as a team with the family in mind and working together to complete our goal of being the premiere place for families.

3. Personally, I’m a children’s pastor who focuses on families because that’s what children’s pastors do.

4. It’s all semantics in the end.

This is probably the last post dedicated to the debate. I would love to collaborate with other children’s ministry leaders to properly define a children’s pastors role.

My name is Justyn Smith and I’m a proud ORANGE children’s pastor. 🙂



  1. You say semantics i say samantics. I guess what I was getting at was not so much a title thing but a function thing. I think there is a dichotomy of philosophy in the children’s ministry world. I think there are many people that have a hero, one man show mentality if kidmin doesn’t want to get stuck we have to change. We need to be credit giving, team building machines if we are going to change kidmin and the world.

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