The Basics are Back: Preach/Teach

Recently, I’ve been challenged by the creatively, spiritually anointed kids team at Church on the Move. I remember a conversation I had with Pastors Gabe and Stephen. I love how simple they made children’s ministry. Not that it’s not important, but I got a sense that it’s us (leaders) who make it difficult for a plethora of different reasons. They do spend a LOT of quality time into making a great experience for kids and I admire that.

The big thing I’ve been coming away with after talking with them and cyber stalking them is that Pastor Gabe is not afraid to preach/teach for an “extended” period of time. He preaches with confidence. You can tell he has studied what he talks about and delivers it in a way that captures kids. My friend, Pastor Ryan Malouff (The City Church in Seattle), does the same thing. Instead of teaching shorter and shorter they have drawn a line in the sand.

We have been doing that right here at South Hills. Our team has been creating a great experience for kids. One of the first things we have been working on is giving ample time for teaching the Word. Using multiple Scripture references, multiple stories and a good 15-20 minutes to preach/teach the Word.

I’m tired of giving into every cultural demand. As a children’s ministry we are very sensitive to what’s hot, the latest trends and staying current, however I believe we keep watering down the importance of God’s word as we’ve turned preaching into a five-minute event because we don’t want to “bore” the kids or because the experts say we can’t keep their attention for more than seven minutes. Maybe the reason we can’t keep their attention for much longer is because we are consistently expecting less and less from our kids.

This doesn’t mean that you preach/teach at length for the sake of preaching long. It means we put quality time into what we are saying and presenting. Our kids are worth it. Let’s turn the tide of expectations around. It’s basic.

What say you?



  1. That’s awesome!

    If you keep it interesting they will pay attention and remember! They remember all the two hour movies they’ve seen, because they were interested.

  2. I would agree society is expecting less and less of our kids. I like the example of expecting alot from kids in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. In it he examins a school in the northeast that ( I wish I could remember the name) works kids with mentally strenuous academics. They are turning out world-class students.

  3. Hey man,
    Sorry to leave this in the comments but I couldn’t find a link to your email. If you happen to know anyone using Lifeway’s Big Apple Adventure theme for VBS 2011 would you mind passing this video on to them. God’s work would be greatly propelled with the help it could bring us! Thanks!

    Freddy T.

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