As I enter the new year it’s definitely a NEW YEAR!!! Everything I am embarking on is new. I have moved to a new city, I’m serving with a new church, I am meeting tons of new people and colleagues, I moved into a new house. Everything around me is new. The exciting part of it all is that I get to try new things or do “old” things in a “new” way. The slate is clean and I’m ready to dive in.

I’m especially grateful that in this season of new the Bible states, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8, NLT)

No matter what is new before me, my Jesus stays the same. I’m preaching the same Jesus to kids and families in Corona, CA as I did in Las Vegas, NV and as I did in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a comforting thing to know He doesn’t change. Seasons change, but Jesus stays the same.

The question I felt like God asked me this morning was, “How are you going to make Me famous this new year?” How are you going to make Jesus famous this year? For us, we’re about to launch a mid-week experience that I’ve never tried before. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s a lot of work, it’s spirit-breathed and has the potential to spark a God revolution in the hearts and minds of kids everywhere. I will definitely keep you up to date on this new venture letting you inside of its successes and failures.

How are you going to make an “old” faithful, never-changing God famous in a new way to kids this year? I’d love to hear!

Be on the watch out for a BRAND NEW KIDMIN CONFERENCE called, “Kidmagination” in SoCal (from the creator of Napkin Conference)…


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