Extraordinarily Plain

I have a desire to pass along services, products or companies that I feel will benefit others.

I had the great opportunity recently of meeting with Pete, chief creative principal, of Plain Joe Studios. Living in Corona, CA has its advantages. Their office is literally a couple miles down the road from our church.

I have heard of Plain Joe in the past, but didn’t realize the scope of what they are capable of until I visited their offices, which is worthy of a post in itself. Plain Joe Studios is strategic ideation, interactive media and environmental design all under one roof.

What impressed me the most with Plain Joe was Pete. I loved his humility and his genuine desire to want the best for our ministry. I have no doubt that he will stretch our rather small budget to have the maximum impact we’re looking for. I have never met a company as impassioned at what they do than Plain Joe. Their desire to help ministries is admirable. Their work is second to none as they’ve done major projects from The Las Vegas Mob Experience to startup churches with almost no budget. The cool thing is that they put the same effort behind all their projects no matter how large or small.

Plain Joe Studios is anything but plain. I will definitely keep you posted on our progress as we proceed with Plain Joe. I’m expecting nothing but awesomeness from them!! Check ‘em out: PlainJoeStudios


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