Branding: Why Kid Nation?

Our children’s ministry is currently going through a rebranding phase. We decided to do this because we feel like God is doing a new thing and we wanted everything to be fresh and new representing a fresh start and looking towards the future.

This week I’ll let you inside my brain so you can get a feel for what, how and why I choose the direction we went.

First, we branded the entire children’s ministry “Kid Nation”. It took me a little while to settle on it because what I would normally advise people to do is stay branded with the church name. For example, since our church name is South Hills Church it would’ve made sense to call us South Hills Kids or something like that. I like continuity and whenever they think of the children’s ministry name it brings people right back to the church.

I didn’t really like the way it rolled of the tongue when saying “South Hills Kids”. I then began to think BIG. I want this to be a place where kids feel loved and important—a place where they can be proud to call “a second home.” I wanted them to own the name. I’ve used “Kid Nation” before in other settings, but never as the blanket name. Basically, I liked the sound of Kid Nation. It has a great vibe and represents who we are and gives it a kids club type of feeling, which is great especially for unchurched kids.

I wanted to tie all the age groups and classrooms together. We used the word “Kid” to tie everything together and we’ll talk about “Kid Studios” next…


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