Transitions Suck

It’s been a little while since I’ve ranted. As many of you know I have transitioned from The Church at South Las Vegas to South Hills Church in Corona, CA. Let me start by saying that South Hills is an amazing church and I’m super excited to be here. And, yes, I will probably blog a little bit about my transition experience in the not so distant future. 🙂

With that said, transitions are never easy. The Church at South Las Vegas is a great church and it’s never easy leaving great churches. What’s more is that it’s never easy leaving great relationships behind. All these things are especially hard if it’s a bad transition—let’s say someone was fired or left on bad terms. Graciously, in our case we left on good terms. It still doesn’t make everything easy.

We’re in a place where we are the new kids on the block, our kids have to make new friends and process the move, we have to reestablish ourselves, meet and exceed the expectations that our new church has and so much more. This is why I know God is the one who moved us on. When I heard God say it’s time to go—I wrestled with Him for a long time because I knew what that meant. I knew it wouldn’t be easy on any of us, especially my wife and kids.

It sometimes bothers me to see people so anxious to keep moving from one spot to another without regret, remorse, etc.—transition is usually always a tough thing, especially for families. It should be tough. It should be tough to leave friends. It should be emotional to leave a great ministry behind that you’ve been a part of.

Why is it that people always want to know the “truth” behind the transition? Why can’t it be just because we heard God’s voice? Why do people stay? It’s probably because they heard God’s voice to stay. I admit not everything went perfect in my transition. I could’ve been better in some areas and the church could’ve been better in others. Overall though, it was good.

As tough as transitions are we choose to trust God and the great future plans He has for us. When the devil tries to play with our minds in our low times, we will choose to trust God and surround ourselves with people who believe in us.

My advice–transition only if you know it’s God speaking to you. Don’t make an emotional decision–make a God decision.

If you’ve ever been through a church staffing transition, I’d love to hear your experience. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly?



  1. I love this: “Don’t make an emotional decision–make a God decision” I think so many people, myself included at times, make decisions based on emotion alone. It’s dangerous to make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation.

    I can’t say that I know what it’s like to move churches, but being here at the church we have seen our fair share of amazing people come and go, and regardless of the circumstance of their departure, each was equally difficult.

    Please take comfort in that you have such a fantastic team of people that are ready to back you up. We know God sent you here for a reason, as I’m sure you are aware. We are looking forward to building God’s kingdom with you.

    And also, looking forward to meeting your beautiful family.

  2. Great post Justyn!

    It’s like working out! I have you worked out so hard in the past that I was sore afterward? Every part of me ached! I would sit down for a while and then need to get up and… man it hurt! Then, I would be standing for a while and want to sit down and… man did it hurt! It wasn’t so much the standing, or sitting, it was the transitions that hurt! Moves are healthy when they are God moves, just like working out, and we cant get up because of the transitions!

    Your in the right place my friend! Love that you are here at South Hills with us! Looking forward to doing life with you and your family!


  3. Justyn,

    Thanks for your transparency in this move. I have a great deal of respect for you for following God’s will even when it wasn’t your first choice. I will be praying for you and your family as you follow God’s call!

  4. We’ll talk more about transitions when you get here, I’m sure.

    I’ll add it to my list of “things to talk to Justyn about” that’s growing by the week.

    Look forward to having you in So Cal, buddy!

  5. I love this blog Justyn!
    You couldn’t have hit closer to home. My husband and I have transitioned five times in the past 14 years with his job. Getting to know our church family and bringing our community to its head (the church) has always been our passion. Those relationships are strong… is never without selfish heartache, though when we have to say good bye (for now). Knowing what God wants for us keeps us going. The comforting part for us is that God is good, full of surprises and has a plan for our future that is good and full of hope. Enjoy the ride, this lifetime is not forever and distance can never keep fiends in Christ apart!
    I look forward to getting to know you and your family. I know the journey will be amazing, and the relationships in Christ will not fade my friend.

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