The Basics are Back: Creative Bible

Continuing on the topic of going back to the basics in regards to the Bible…

The Bible will never become irrelevant unless we as leaders make it irrelevant. It’s not just a good idea. It’s not just a collection of stories—it’s God’s word and represents the foundation of our faith. The American church—if not careful—could be faced with a Biblical illiterate generation. Is it up to the children’s pastor to fix this dilemma? Maybe not, but we’re passionate for children and families and it should be our heart and desire to do everything in our power to help kids understand the power of the Bible.

Perhaps part of the issue is that we’re not sure how to make the Bible come alive. Could it be that the Bible does not excite us anymore? That should be an honest question we all ask ourselves eventually. In the meantime, how do we teach the Bible so kids want to hear more?

It first starts with us as leaders. We need to not be scared to speak of the Bible’s importance. When speaking of the Bible there should be excitement and anticipation in our voices. Make the Bible exciting. A great example of this can be found on Vimeo with Kids on the Move (fast forward to minute 21:00). This is a great example of making a Bible passage pop.

What are some creative ways you read the Bible or stress its importance? Bible memorization is not “old school.” Bible challenges are needed. Even if parents are not willing to do their part, as children’s pastors we have been commissioned to do all we can to get the Bible inside the hearts and minds of children.

What say you?



  1. I can’t shut up about the Jesus Storybook Bible. Just reading the prologue out loud to my kids makes me weepy. It is literally the very best story version of the Bible to make the heart and soul of the story come to life. The audio version has a terrific voice actor reading it that just makes me want to close my eyes and listen to the whole Bible from cover to cover. It really is worth checking out. We’re trying to figure out how to get it into more of our parents’ hands:

  2. The Bible in Rhyme -all you have to do is pick your passage, add a beat, some sunglasses and a hat – you’ve got a full blown rap! We used luke 2 for christmas – was a huge hit for kids and parents! Good stuff – thanks for sharing the link!

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