Ingredients of a Modern Kids Ministry (2 of 4)

Children’s ministry is more important than ever before. Its proof is in the many recent resources and investment from senior pastors all over the world. Just as every great meal is the result of great ingredients coming together for a common cause, Kids ministry is the result of great “ingredients” coming together for a common vision, which brings me to the first ingredient of our recipe for success:

1. Compassionate Prayer
You might be thinking “Are you serious—Prayer?” Yes! Just like forgetting sugar in bread will completely keep the bread from rising cause it to become hard, prayer seems so simple, yet if we forget it keep us and your ministry from growing and could eventually cause a hard heart. Don’t forget to be a passionate in your prayers to God for people and your kids ministry.

2. Compelling Vision
Vision still reigns supreme. People love to follow a compelling vision. People don’t want to waste their time or resources. They want to pour their valuable time and resources into something that’s going to make a difference and change the world. If you want the best people to work with you then you must cast a vision that is in unison with the overall church vision that captures their heart.

Two more ingredients to come!! What ingredients would you add so far?


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