Dangers of Winning

“The most dangerous moment comes with victory.” –Napoleon

As ministry leaders it’s important to set measurable goals personally and as an organization. However, with success comes room for stagnation and the “we’ve arrived” mentality. Frank Damazio says, “A winning team must never allow victory to take the edge off spiritual hunger or alertness.”

It’s important that with each accomplished goal comes celebration, but also a new goal. Treat what you do as a war. You can celebrate the battles that are won, but remember the war still rages on. Keeping this in mind prepares a ministry and it’s leaders to go beyond plateauing and allows for thriving for more.

When I celebrate with my team we say, “We did it! Now, what’s next?” There’s too many who don’t know Christ–too many injustices to have ever arrived…

Keep thirsting for more of God—He has so much He wants to accomplish in and through us.


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