The Basics are Back: The Bible

The longer I pastor children the more I realize that we need to get back to the basics. I’m a believer in technology and think that if you have the ability to use it’s full potential then do so. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the basics as we look to the future of children’s ministry. However, it’s the basics that create spiritual champions for life.

I have recently talked to quite a few children’s leaders who can’t remember the last time their kids brought their Bibles to church. When I ask why I get a pretty typical answer of “Why should they? We have them follow along on screens” or “We don’t do anything with them anyways and they end up leaving them here.”

It’s up to us as children’s leaders to explain why the Bible is important. We need to give them a reason to bring their Bibles to church. Children should be learning to love and value their Bibles. I encourage you to make Bible reading and memorization an important part of your children’s experiences. Don’t give in to the lie that reading the Bible is boring for kids. It’s up to us to make it come alive and cause kids to hunger and thirst for the Bible.

Here are a couple resources I recommend:

I LOVE MY BIBLE (great open-source curriculum from my friends at Kids on the Move)
The Action Bible (great Bible for kids)

Does the Bible play an important role in your ministry? How?

Next, creative ways to make the Bible attractive to kids…

The basics are back!



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