Keep ‘Em Coming Back: Collector’s Cards

I’m always having people ask me for ideas to get kids excited and coming back. Honestly, I’ve found that kids are really easy to get excited—thus McDonald’s Happy Meal. If they can get excited about a small Happy Meal toy, they can get excited about anything.

Here’s something we’ve done several times—collector’s cards. We will do a teaching series and create collector’s cards that they can only collect if they are there that weekend. If they miss a weekend then they miss that weekend’s collector card. Students who have collected all the cards get something cool at the end of the series.

Three great things about this:

1. It’s super easy. Anyone can do this…
2. It’s very inexpensive…We use to print out our cards.
3. Kids can’t wait for the next weekend and don’t want to miss church.

Here are a couple cards we’ve done:


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