Book Review: The Big God Story

Once again, my friends at David C. Cook gave me a complimentary copy of Michelle Anthony’s The Big God Story to review.

The first thing I did with this book was give it to my eight-year-old daughter to read. I asked her how she liked it. This is what she said, “I loved it!” I asked why she loved…what is it about the book you like? She responded, “I really liked that each page had a new fun picture. The stories were fun.”

There you go…straight from an eight-year-old. I was reminded of not only the power of a good story, but also the power of a great visual. The book’s story is great, but the ability to capture it in picture form captivated my daughter and as a father—that makes me happy!

Michelle did an amazing job with this book. Somehow she takes this massive Bible and shrinks it down to a single story that is very easy on the eyes and tongue. I was amazed at how easy she flowed from David to Daniel with the turn of a page. It’s as though nothing was missing. I enjoyed reading it to my kids, but took even more joy in watching my kids read it.

If you want to get your kids interested and excited about reading the Bible—get The Big God Story!

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