Book Review: Spiritual Parenting

I was recently given a book from David C. Cook Publishing to review. It’s called Spiritual Parenting: An awakening for today’s families by Michelle Anthony.

I thought Michelle encompassed the entire book in this one sentence:

“I want to parent the child or children that God gave me in such a way that I first honor God, and then second, create the best environment to put my children in the path of the Divine.”

She presents a great question in the beginning about not being defined by what we (as kids) don’t do, but instead “parent a generation of young people to define themselves by what they did do.”
This was one of the BEST books I have read on parenting. The content was rich and completely full of the Bible. As a local church children’s pastor, it’s important to me that these aren’t just good ideas, but rather they are God ideas—the Bible is being used a lot to make a point. I’m glad to say this book encompasses all those things.

She talks about how families are on a mission, that there’s a special and important calling for parents, we ought to have an attitude of service in our homes. Michelle even brings up the principles of living a generous life and how that impacts our kids. Michelle truly has a desire to see parents understand their God-given responsibility to raise their children under the purposes of God. She covers it all and I definitely recommend this book not just for children and family pastors, but for every parent as well.

It is a great resource as a children’s pastor, but I personally benefitted from it even more as a parent. It’s a great reminder to me of why I’m here on earth. My five kids are not my own–they belong to God. I have the privilege and responsibility to direct them toward Jesus guiding them on their spiritual journey to see their purposes discovered and destiny’s realized.

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