Teaching Kids to Tithe (1/3)

One of the many things I love about kids is that they love to give. Kids have some of the biggest hearts in all humanity. Our church believes in giving. We believe it’s a biblical mandate and principle that benefits the receiver and giver. Obviously, when it comes to giving to God, He doesn’t benefit. It was already His to begin with. Enough with the tithe lesson though, because I’m probably speaking to the choir.

How do we get our kids to understand the importance of giving to an “invisible” God?

The first thing we do is show them in the Bible where it talks about tithing and giving. We base everything on the Bible and we want the kids to know that we didn’t make this up—God did.

Second, we always make it simple for them to understand. There are various ways to talk about giving. One of our favorites is the good ‘ole soda explosion gimmick. This illustrates that when we give to God—He gives back to us way above and beyond what we could ever think or imagine. The following is one of many tithing/giving lessons we’ve done (and we do one every weekend):

PREP: 2 Liter Sprite Bottle, Mentos, Mop (for clean-up) Plastic table cloth (to place under soda bottle, to contain all the soda when it shoots up in the air). You will want to place the plastic table cloth underneath the bottle so when the soda shoots into the air most of it will land on the plastic cloth which helps make the cleaning process simpler. You will also want someone off to the side with a mop to clean up any soda that doesn’t land on the cloth. Be sure to make sure kids stand at least 10 feet away so they don’t get wet.
VERSE: “Give and it will be given back to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaking together and running over, will be poured in your lap.” —Luke 6:38
PROCESS: Explain the verse (Luke 6:38), as an example of the verse you will place the Mentos, preferably three into the sprite bottle. The Mentos representing your tithe. When you drop the Mentos into the bottle all of the soda in the bottle will shoot out (as high as 7‟ in the air).
LESSON: Explain how when you give it is given back to you a good measure, pressed down, shaking together and running over, will be poured in your lap.

Finally, we make giving even more fun by having the kids do something funny on their way up to placing their offering in our gigantic coloring crayon. We play some hot, funky music. We want kids to correlate giving with fun!

What has worked for you?

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