Teaching Kids To Tithe (3/3)

Another important thing we do when teaching kids to tithe is give them an opportunity to teach their peers. Often, we give a child three minutes to preach to their friends why tithing is important. This is one of the most rewarding times of our weekend experiences. It’s amazing to see an eight-year-old on stage teaching their peers from the Bible why tithing and giving is important. Why? Because they learned that from our team.

Think about how awesome it will be to see the next generation grow up already believing and showing through their tithes and offerings that God is first in their lives. Think about the impact. Think about the needs the local church could meet if everyone is giving that 10% or more. Most would lack nothing. Many stats say that the average church attendee gives only 1.7% of their income to God. What’s more is that most churches would never have to do a campaign or ask for money if people gave to God first as the Bible says.

Adults like to see results. When they give they like to see what the fruit of their giving. Kids are the same way. One way we get kids to give is by stating a project, which can be supporting another church plant’s children’s ministry, a missionary or replace something on stage, etc. This inspires kids to want to give and what’s more is that we remind them of the impact they are having on others as a result of it.

What are your thoughts on kids tithing/giving?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I am notorious for getting on the tithing soapbox in CM. I’ve had too many discussions with parents to count, about the appropriateness of teaching kids about tithing, giving and stewardship – only to have those parents come back to me and thank our ministry because their child is practicing first-fruits and no one is asking them to.

    Every week we feature a giving lesson and then get those kids giving! But I REALLY love the idea of having a child present on the topic.

    1. Jamie, I love it…I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, many children’s pastors do not make it a priority–glad you do! -PJ

    2. YOu mean you like the idea of brainwashing little kids into thinking that they NEED to tithe in order to attract God’s blessing and that not tithing is a curse?

  2. I like your ideas about tithing and think those ideas need to be stressed.

    However, something else in your article jumped out at me. I love the idea of the 3 minute sermons for any topic. This is a great idea to get the kids involved and give them ownership in what is going on!

    1. Michelle, absolutely…it’s so fun to watch the kids preach/teach to their peers. We started with the PK’s since I’m able to spend more time with them and then we’ve branched out to numerous other kids who are willing. We talk with their parents and whammo! We have kids getting their preach on! -PJ

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