Teaching Kids to Tithe (2/3)

Yesterday I gave an example of how we do a lesson in regards to tithing/giving and I presented the following question:

How do we get our kids to understand the importance of giving to an “invisible” God?

We don’t go into all these huge details every weekend. We normally save all this for a lesson that we will do at least twice a year on giving/tithing. To go over all this would take too much time and is a little more complex to explain in a three minute segment:

There are a couple of things we remind the kids. Everything on earth…everything you own…everything your parents own…absolutely everything belongs to God. When you give to God, it’s not that He needs it. In fact, giving is not for His benefit—it’s for your benefit.

We also explain that we don’t give to get. We give because God wants us to. The “getting” part is just a benefit of God’s grace to us.

Giving is a way of putting God first in our lives. Even kids like money. They understand that with this $5 bill I can buy something cool at Target. So, when they put that $5 bill in the offering crayon—it’s a big deal to them and it should be a big deal to you. Here’s a recent testimony from a parent:

My son absolutely loves the kids program. Every weekend he makes sure we’re up and that we must go to church. He always asks us for money to give to God and we usually give him whatever we can. I asked him why he always wants money and he said it’s because the Bible says to and God will take care of us. Well, my son didn’t know the financial struggle that I have been going through—I’m a single mom. Just yesterday, out of nowhere someone paid all my delinquent balances and I just got promoted. I know it sounds crazy, but I know it’s because my son has been faithful in giving and he really does understand that God will provide all our needs if God is first. Thank you for your teaching.

Coincidence? Sure, the naysayers will say that. All I know is that this parent’s child was faithful in his giving and all their needs were met.

What say you?

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  1. It’s amazing how kids hear something and simply trust it, instead of trying to over-analyze things like we adults do. I guess that goes back to that scripture that says “in their wisdom He confounded them”. Sometimes, we need to quit trying to analyze things and think about it like a kid. We give to God because the Bible says to and He’ll take care of us, if we do.

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