Napkin Postponed

Hey guys…this is a tough blog, but in the end I know it will be for the best. This is one of those teachable moments for all of us who are staff pastors too. You’ll see why as you read this letter from my pastor:

Dear Napkin Attendees and Children’s Ministry Leaders,

First, I want to thank you for serving. Children’s ministry can sometimes be a thankless job, but I admire your commitment to this generation and know that great rewards await you.

Napkin Conference was birthed from our church because we believe investing in children’s ministers can change an entire generation. Our commitment is ongoing, however because of the recent economic downturn in our city of Las Vegas I have decided to postpone Napkin Conference until the Fall of 2011 (exact dates to be announced soon).

It’s our desire to keep a spirit of excellence and give you the best. Unfortunately, we are unable to do that at this time and need to focus on the local needs of our community. I am confident, though, that we can provide an amazing experience for everyone next Fall.

If you have already registered I ask that you consider attending in the Fall of 2011. Your paid registration will transfer over. However, if you decide that there is a scheduling conflict and you are not able to attend, please contact Pastor Justyn and his team and we will refund your money.

I am so sorry if this caused anyone inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Again, if you have any questions about this, Pastor Justyn and our children’s ministry staff will be more than happy to help you. You can contact them at 702.361.1579 x110 or x118 or email at We are excited for what God is doing in children’s ministries around the globe and are looking forward to a great Napkin Conference in the Fall of 2011.

In Christ,

Pastor Benny Perez
Lead Pastor
The Church at South Las Vegas


  1. Hey man, I know that was a hard call to make but that is one situation all of us leading churches understand. We had to make hard calls 2 years ago when the recession hit us hard. Thanks for investing in next generation leaders.

  2. Yeah kudos on making the tough call. We love and appreciate your and Pastor Benny’s vision to equip us. We’ll see you next year if it works out for our schedule.

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