My Dinner with Dr. Chand (pt 1)

One of the great privileges I have at our church is the opportunity to have a few moments with some of the most influential leaders in Christendom. For that I am very grateful to Pastor Benny Perez. “Thank you!” if you’re reading this. Our conference just started this past weekend and I picked up Dr. Sam Chand ( from the airport and was able to have dinner with him and ask him some questions as I am facing one of the most important decisions of my life.

I won’t forget what he said. It’s one of those things you should know, but until someone says it a certain way it doesn’t click. Well, it clicked. He said, “Justyn, what you’re going through is about you—not anyone else. It’s a question of ‘there’. What’s the best vehicle to get you ‘there’?” He was guiding me through the goals, desires, aspirations, etc. that I have for my life and family—helping me with discerning God’s call on my life.

What a great word for any of us thinking about what’s next. Or, what a great word for any of us blaming our path on someone else. I’ve determined to do this. I’m going to read my Bible, talk to God, listen to God and wait for Him to pull of the right vehicle for me to get into. I have a “there” that I know God wants me at. It’s that “there” where I will feel fulfilled and make the biggest impact for God’s kingdom. Where is your “there”? What are you doing to get “there”?


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