Be Contagious with People–Connect

Every children’s minister needs to connect with people. Why? It could have something to do with growing ministry teams to impact this generation of kids. Something they didn’t teach me in college was that I need to be a person people want to be around and a person that people genuinely like. Here are a few ways to get people to like you:

• SmileSmiling is contagious. People want to hang with happy and positive people not sad and negative people.
• Show interest in othersThe key is to be genuinely interested in other people. People want to know that you enjoy being around them as much (or more) as they enjoy being around you.
• Be a good listener—encourage others to talk about themselvesThe last thing people want is to hear you talk and talk about you. People enjoy telling others about themselves, so do what others don’t do—listen.
• Make the other person feel important and do it sincerelyPeople can spot a fake more often than you think. They get a “vibe” from someone. Don’t be that someone. Make others feel genuinely important.
• Talk in terms of the other person’s interestsWhen you talk bring up their interests. Tie your experiences around their experiences. It’s more personable and relatable.
• Remember a person’s nameEveryone has a name. Everyone loves hearing their name said. I can’t explain the obsession most people have with hearing their name said. However, it is true. People feel they are important when you remember their name. They feel valued. They feel like somebody important.

I’m sure I heard these from someone else during the past several years, but they are things I try to do and I’m amazed when I actually do them—they work!


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