When Making Decisions–Culture (2 of 3)

When making decisions I always first ask if it’s best for the kids. The second thing I ask, “Is is right for our church?” Does this “thing” I want to do fit into the culture and DNA of our church? There are tons of great things we could do, but that doesn’t mean we should do them. I hear of the countless awesome things that children’s ministries are doing all over the US and abroad. I often think to myself that it would be cool if we did it too. However, wisdom usually stops me because as cool as those things may be—it would never fit in our culture.

Different church cultures should be celebrated and not always mimicked. If you’re unsure of the culture of your church because A) you’re new B) your lead pastor is new or C) you’re just confused (trust me—it happens!), then ask someone. Ask your leaders. Ask if this idea or event would work at this church. Use some common sense too. I think we often know what the answer is, but are afraid to have to let something go because WE think it’s a good idea. When making decisions ask yourself if it fits into our church culture.

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