When Making Decisions—Can I? (3 of 3)

The third thing I look at when making decisions is a very practical thought. After I find out if it’s best for the kids and if it fits the culture of our church, I ask, “Can we really do this?” Wow! So, insightful PJ. Well, I’ve determined to not waste my time with things we cannot do. There is a difference between exercising faith and being foolish. I am a faith person. My church is a faith church. We believe God can do the impossible. However, the same God that can do the impossible gave us a brain.

I have to ask the question of whether or not we can really do it. I need real facts, whether they rain on my parade or not. As a dreamer and creative person, I sometimes need people or facts to bring me back down to earth. This doesn’t mean we will not do it. It just means we do not have the means to do it NOW. This is usually the last question I ask because it hinders my dreaming beforehand. I have no problem dreaming really big and either doing them or placing them on my dream shelf (as long as it doesn’t get too dusty).

How do you make decisions and why?

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