Vacation Leadership

1. Surround yourself with a phenomenal team.
You must have a competent and capable team. Before I left I knew we wouldn’t miss a beat and that’s exactly why I have the team I have. If I can’t leave without things going smoothly that reflects on my leadership. I should be able to leave at any time and everything goes just as it should. When I came back from Seattle recently not only did my team not miss a beat, they went above and beyond, made decisions and it feels good!

2. Appreciate your team.
While I was away on vacation—I normally try not to think about things at home because I want to focus on my family and building memories—I sent my team a couple texts that let them know I was thinking about them and thanked them for their commitment and hard work. When I got back I thanked each of them for all the specific things they accomplished while I was gone. This builds morale, trust, team and commitment to each other and the vision of the church.

3. Enjoy!
Relax you’re on vacation! As long as you’ve completed all the tasks you were supposed to before you left you need to enjoy your family and not think about things in the office. You need to totally focus on your spouse and/or kids. When it’s all said and done they are what truly matter in life and giving them your full attention by loving on them and creating memories builds the kingdom of God more than we may ever know.

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