Power of With vs. For

What if churches stopped doing things FOR their community and started doing things WITH their community. As churches—mine included—we are constantly doing things and create ministries for our community instead of doing things with our community. I wonder if we would create a bigger impact if we partnered with our communities come Halloween time. I wonder if we would make a bigger statement of love and unity if we helped our local charities out during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No doubt our communities appreciate what churches do for them, but it makes a louder statement to people and community officials when we partner with them. Not just that, but it gets us out of our Christian bubbles and forces us to interact with people who need Christ. Just maybe that mayor or business owner will see you differently and who knows what kind of doors could open up.

It’s the power of doing things WITH versus FOR!

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  1. Justyn I couldn’t agree more!

    It has been our church mandate to partner WITH our community and change our community BY GOOD, into GOOD! The impact has been astounding.

    I think the most amazing bi-product of this approach is influence! When we put down our “we’ve got this figured out.. and you don’t” hats, and simply work with our community for the common goal of improving our community – we earn the right to be heard!

    Check it out for yourself. http://www.freedomhouse.ca, http://www.captainkindness.ca and http://www.freedomhousetv.com


  2. I think you are right on target. We partner with a local radio station for a city wide Ice Cream Festival, our city on July 4, our local Needline for hygiene products and also shoes for kids, and our city/county Parks Dept for a Halloween event. I am convinced that working with has a far greater impact on the community and the church!

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