Lunch with Ryan Malouff

I just had lunch with Ryan Malouff, children’s pastor at The City Church in Seattle. I love him. He’s not only a cool person, but his priorities are amazing and his approach to children’s ministry is so refreshing—it’s simple. He’s got some cool things coming down the pike, which I pray everyone gets. What I took away the most from our lunch meeting was that children’s ministry is all about the local church. We can try all we want to influence other leaders/ministries, but as a children’s pastor we were “hired” to make a difference and impact our church. That’s our first priority. Anything beyond that is gravy.

I also love what he’s doing with “family ministry”. I want to wait until he gets everything written out and shares it himself, but basically family ministry has nothing to do with a position, a gadget, handout or anything tangible. It has everything to do with building relationships with parents and getting them to understand that they are their kid’s greatest “pastor” and plug them into a classroom. It sounds so basic, but just wait until he explains it (or, if he takes a long time—I’ll do it!). 🙂

Remember to connect with people often who you feel is doing a better job than you. It challenges, pushes, encourages and makes you better.

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