Forget Creative—Go Simple!

I’m considered one of the creative peeps on staff at our church. We have a handful of us that put our heads together to come up with the next big idea for our church. I love being able to think, take chances and experiment.

I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to draw awareness and make money for scholarships for our annual kids camp called KidFest. Our church is always doing a lot. Sometimes we unintentionally do too much. It so happens that it seems KidFest “competes” with other big events in our church—thus trying to be creative.

My eight-year-old daughter and her friend created a lemonade stand in our front yard and made $26. She enjoyed it so much she began begging if we could do one at church. Finally, this past weekend I agreed. I got the stuff and let a handful of kids run it. By the time the weekend was over they had made almost $800 for KidFest. Did you hear that? They sold Countrytime Lemonade and made $800!

I was taught a valuable lesson this past weekend. Never underestimate that power of simple. Sometimes I feel like we try to be so creative that we forget about the simple things. The best part of the experience was that it was the kid’s idea and they did the whole thing—made lemonade, took money, advertised, etc. Kids come up with some great ideas—let them be creative!

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