Blessing the Chanley's

I’ve never ever done this before and to be honest I’m not sure why I’m doing it now except that I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to do so. Michael Chanley sent an email recently (read below) and instantly I heard “just do it!” And, no, it wasn’t a NIKE commercial on television that I heard. I knew exactly what needed to be done.

I think Michael and Rose Chanley and their kids are an amazing family. Michael has done much for the kingdom of God, especially in regards to children’s and family ministry. He created, a website dedicated to connecting children’s ministers together to encourage each other and share ideas. I felt that surely there is something we can all do. It hit me that almost anyone could give at least $10-$20 or more to the Chanley’s as a way to say we love you and know that God has incredible things in store for your future.

Will you help us in sewing into the Chanley’s, which in turn benefits the body of Christ? Because I’m a reactor instead of a thinker—that’s why I married my wife—she’s the smart one, I didn’t have all the details together. So, you can either send a check payable to “The Church” with “Chanley” written in the memo line and we will cut him a check at the end of the month or you can get a hold of Michael Chanley yourself and demand he be blessed. 🙂 Someone told me that we’re in the 21st century and we can use PayPal—hello Justyn—duh! So, if anyone wants to set that up or perhaps Michael has one—that would be great!

I know countless people are in need, but I just felt lead to do this for the Chanley family. I know that as we give generously from our hearts that God will not only bless the Chanley’s, but you will be blessed too! Thanks!

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  1. For those of us who don’t know, what was the email about? What is the need? Why are we giving? Thanks!

    1. Great question…it’s based off my friend’s, Michael Chanley, email:
      Earlier this week, I was given notice that my position as Parenting Minister at Southeast Christian Church is being eliminated. There is no “story behind the story” and there was no sort of “falling out.” The leaders of our church have simply chosen to reorganize our staff structure and my position was not a part of the new plan.

      My family and I very much need your prayers. As those of you who have gone through something like this know: it really hurts. It’s especially difficult because we just moved, two months ago, to be closer to our church community. It’s a hard season; but, we look forward to what God is going to do.

      With my suddenly open schedule, we have chosen to pursue several opportunities that the Lord has gifted us with. I’ll be working on making CMConnect a better community. I’m going to make myself available to consult with other churches, do training, and to speak. I also plan to finish my current book project and maybe go back to college. I’m in no rush; but, eventually I will try to find another church to serve.

      I feel blessed to know my identity is found in Christ, not in what I do and not on where I am. 
      I am a pastor and will still be doing the hard work of ministry… just not as paid staff at my church.

      If I can serve you, here is where I’ll be in the upcoming weeks:
      Kidshaper in Melbourne, Australia (in about 10 days!)
      D6 Conference in Dallas/Ft.Worth (in a month)
      If your church is near either of these places and I can serve you and the families in your community, please do not hesitate to ask. I would be honored.

      Thank you all for your friendship and service… It is an honor to serve the King alongside of you!

      Michael Chanley
      creator of CMConnect

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