Calling and Influence

What would you do if you feel called to something for which you have no influence? Or, to say it another way, what if you have influence here, but God is calling you there? How would you respond? This is easier said than done, especially when people respect you and look to you for advice and direction in your field. To give that up for something you are not “known” for…to sacrifice at the altar everything you’ve worked hard to attain only to be given another assignment by God is not always easy.

It comes down to calling and influence. What would you rather have or do? Would you rather have influence, be an emerging voice, etc, but still have that “something’s missing” feeling or know that you’re completely walking in the calling God has for you even though it means sacrificing influence and being a voice in that field? Perhaps I’m on my own journey. I do know to have influence and to not be completely happy is a waste of time. To know that you’re doing what God has called you to do even though it feels like you’re but a shadow in the dark on earth brings true peace and happiness. The journey is getting to that point mentally. You’re heart and spirit man knows, but your head likes the attention and influence.

I had to take sometime this past week to reflect. I started going down a negative mind-set road that I should’ve never allowed myself to get on. Luckily—rather blessedly—I have a pastor (Benny Perez) who noticed and helped kept my head on straight. It’s crazy to think that God hasn’t placed a calling on my life to do what I’m doing now. God is blessing many things I put my hands on and allowing me to become an emerging voice in my field. The only thing I pray is that when God does move me to another assignment that I do it because first He called me and second it’s for the right reasons and that my influence does not keep me somewhere longer than I belong. I want to be in a place where I’ll give up anything for the calling God has for me.

Thanks pastor!

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