Responding to the Unexpected

So, if for whatever reason you keep up with my life through Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc. you know that we just welcomed our fifth child into the world this past Tuesday night. Wow! Sometimes I can’t believe I have five kids. They keep me busy and I absolutely love it. The only thing that was different with child number five (Westyn Zane) was that he came five weeks early.

We were planning on welcoming Westyn into the world in five weeks not last Tuesday. When he came it through everything into a tizzy. All the baby preparations were not ready. We had things to wash, take out of storage, mental preparations and lots more. I learned yet another valuable lesson. It was based on how we respond to the unexpected, especially when it has to do with your kid’s life. Being born early there were many unknowns. Why was he coming this early? Is something wrong? Doctors couldn’t give us any insight. There answer to us was “It’s a guessing game.” My wife is a little stressed by the whole situation—the unknown. And, as a father this is one guessing game I’m not too keen on.

I had a decision to make. I could worry or trust in God and make things happen. I chose the latter. A close friend of ours was there in the room with us and we chose to trust God and knew things would work out. I got people to rally behind us and help with our kids, took care of the house while my wife rests and allowed God to do His thing. The crazy normal thing is God came through yet again.

How do we respond to the unexpected? Volunteers don’t show up at the last minute. Our lead pastor makes a decision that completely changes things. Events are added or canceled. We can chose to have a bad attitude, think about the inconvenience, stress or we can trust that God’s in control and make it happen. You should know by now that as a children’s pastor anything can happen. Flexibility is a must. Our volunteers/followers are watching how we respond to the unexpected and they often feed off our responses. If we respond negatively and with fear so will they. If we respond with faith and an “I can” attitude so will they.

Take on the unexpected with faith!

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