Responding to the Unexpected (pt2)

Just last week I brought up the story of the birth of my son. He was born an unexpected five weeks early and we had a choice of how we responded to that. As leaders stuff happens and we have to choose how we will respond to it.

Here’s a real story that happened this past weekend. We had a special experience at our church called Friday Night of Fire. We brought in Dr. Tim Bagwell who is a prophet and brought a great word to our church, encouraged people and you could just sense a breakthrough happening in the atmosphere over the leaders and people of our church. Because it was so powerful, we invited him back for our Sunday night experience. Once again, God used him to rock our church and our pastor called an audible and decided to have one more experience on Monday night.

Now, this is a children’s pastors’ worst nightmare. I’m battling two thoughts. On one hand I love the move of God and am excited for what God is doing, but on the practical side I’m thinking how on earth are we going to mobilize people to care for all the kids in just a few hours. My paid kid’s team is busy all day on Monday as they are getting ready to help with a homelessness ministry and my unexpected five week early baby boy is coming home that same day. Talk about responding to the unexpected!

Some churches don’t have to deal with this exact scenario. With our style church anything can happen. However, even this is a little unusual for our church. As a leader I had to respond. Cool thing is that I have an amazing team. Even though they were busy through the day, they made it happen. Even though my son was coming home that day, we found a way to free myself a few hours when I could help coordinate a team. What was it we did? We simply checked our attitudes. We responded to the unexpected with an “I can” and an “I will” spirit.

How would you respond? What’s a situation that you went through recently where you had to respond to the unexpected? I can’t wait to hear your story.

Napkin 2011 in Las Vegas—a children’s pastors/leaders conference

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of having a “can do” spirit instead of having the negative attitude that immediately see’s all the things that has to be done. It is so easy in Children’s Ministry to see the “list” that having an extra night would bring… we need this many volunteers, a new set of lessons and activities, etc… we can’t make this happen this fast! But your positive attitude must have made a HUGE difference on your team. Thanks for the reminder what a positive attitude in the middle of chaos can bring! I needed that!

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