Easter Weekend 2010

What a weekend! Like every other church in America, The Church at South Las Vegas held Easter experiences that at more than one experience saw our building bursting at the seams. Easter and Christmas are the two biggest weekends of the year for churches. We prayed for churches all over and have heard of record crowds and most importantly—salvations!

Though my feet are still aching and calves on the verge of tightening up on me, allow me to brag about my church and team this past weekend. Some churches opted to rent out huge arenas/stadiums and do a one or two shot wonder, while others added multiple services/experiences to accommodate the crowds. Our church added experiences. For the first time we held a Good Friday experience, followed by three Saturday and five Sunday experiences. On top of that we held five Easter egg hunts with half a million eggs, prizes and candy—one of Las Vegas’ largest egg hunts (if not the largest). Even Evander Holyfield found his way to our church. 🙂

We saw almost 10,000 people in attendance this past week and well over 600 salvations. It was absolutely incredible being that in a typical week we will see almost 3,000 in attendance with between 80-100 salvations. Is it about the numbers? Yes! It’s about that “over 600” number! (As of this blog we are still waiting on our Northwest Arkansas Campus to report their numbers. When we find that out we will give an update.)

We were able to make a great impact because we have a lead pastor in Pastor Benny Perez who has a vision to reach Las Vegas and we have the most amazing volunteers on the planet. I know our whole church made it happen, but because I’m the children’s pastor let me focus on that. We had volunteers who literally stayed and served in all nine experiences!!! We had many, many more who served in almost all or multiple experiences and still others who lent a hand in at least one. There’s no way we could’ve pulled off ministering to 2,905 kids and seen 396 of them make decisions for Jesus without our volunteers. So, if you’re reading this and you served at The Church, especially if you served with The Kids, from me to you—THANK YOU a million times over!!!

This weekend was fun, but there’s still more to do as we Celebrate Life next weekend where we will be putting up an inflatable carnival for kids and giving away eight Nintendo Wii’s with 32” flat screen TV’s. Why do we do it? We believe that if we can get families in the door of The Church that they will be so impacted that they will get saved, stay and make even a bigger impact for Jesus in their spheres of influence. Is it expensive what we do? Absolutely! Vision is spelled V-O-L-U-N-T-E-E-R and M-O-N-E-Y.

More pictures and videos to come…


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